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I'm Kate, and I'm the founder of Ottawa Natural Cosmetics.

Thank you for reading this.
Ottawa Natural Cosmetics is not just a cosmetics store. It is a store filled with warmth and magical energy – with us, you will believe in a miracle, I promise you.

Since 2019, I have been creating unique, organic cosmetics in Ottawa.

Many of our customers asked who we are and how Ottawa Natural Cosmetics soap appeared. The story began in 2019 when I decided to find an exciting hobby.

After my granddaughter's birth, I had many worries, so I started to interest in organic soap and SPA cosmetics. I really want my beloved granddaughter to be healthy, and I was afraid to wash her with cosmetics products. I wanted to do something useful, engaging, and creative.

In my "past lives," I was a chemist, I received a degree in the food industry's chemical technology, and my secondary education was in economics. And later, I establish a training center for accountants.

As my career progressed, I became increasingly concerned about how many chemicals are in our skincare products and the adverse effects of these chemicals on us, our children, and our planet.

After my granddaughter's birth, I decided to finish European SPA soap making school. First of all, it was vital for me to make organic cosmetics for my granddaughter. My children have seen how much I've thrown myself into my hobby and how much I love it.

My daughter's love and support was the first step in creating the Ottawa Natural Cosmetics brand. However, most of the products required more detailed refinement, and I began to invest more and more in the best components. At first, I just gave my production cosmetics to my friends and neighbours, after they expressed a desire to buy it and began to recommend my cosmetics to their friends. I never dreamed that this "hobby" would become a business and my third career. We still laugh about how much time it took to create our first successful batch of soap-8 pieces of Coconut Soap.

For me, the quality and usefulness of our miracles for the body and bath are essential. That is why all cosmetics are certified and pass through my strict control.

I developed other natural soap recipes in cooperation with my mentors, continued the learning process, and made soap whenever I had time for the people I love! I was fascinated by the science of soap making.

I always try to give the world beauty and benefit people. We create functional cosmetics for your face and body, as well as take care of the environment.

I am always open to communication and suggestions and sincerely enjoy your thoughts, do not hesitate-write reviews, mark us on Instagram.

And, of course, do not forget to believe in a miracle!

Have a magical day and good mood, my favourite customer!

Forever yours,Ottawa Natural Cosmetics

SPA products should bring pleasure and joy. Our mission is not only to produce eco-friendly and sustainable products, but also to educate younger generations and making them understand the importance of eco-friendly life for a better and bright future. Let us take care of YOU.


Feel the difference...

We have now expanded to a full line of natural and certified organic skin and hair care products. We deliver to every Canadian province. We are proud to stick to our original mission and goal - to produce all-natural skincare products without any artificial or synthetic substances, without GMOs, only healthy ingredients that you can trust. We will continue to pursue this mission and this goal relentlessly. You, our customers, deserve nothing less.

  • Go organic

    Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with all natural handmade soap made with organic oils and plant butters, pure essential oils, organic herbs.

    Soft skin feel

    If your skin is feeling a little rough after a long, cold winter, there's nothing like a good organic SPA products to get it back to feeling smooth and soft.

  • Beautiful Anatomy

    Your skin plays a number of critical roles in keeping you healthy and its important maintain and keep it healthy by using products that work through all the layers. This is why it’s important to use natural & organic skincare that deliver healthy better-looking skin.

    pH balanced

    Handmade soap is GOOD for your sensitive skin! The proof is in the pH. Organic handmade bar soaps (pH 10.01) have a healthy free fatty acid and triglyceride content. Studies have shown that after being washed with soap and water, free fatty acids help skin recover its natural pH balance faster.

  • Freshness explored

    Our business started in my home located on the Ottawa River, where I was reminded every day that the health of our planet depends on the impact of our daily activities. As a company that dedicates itself to all things organic, we work hard to become even more "Green."

    Best Fragrance

    Choosing the flavours you use for your handmade soap is one of the most fun parts of making soap. The wide variety of essential oils that you can mix and match to create different olfactory and therapeutic sensations is almost overwhelming.

100% Canadian Owned & Operated.We seek to provide the best health products at competitive prices. Impact the economy in positive ways by supporting Canadian owned and operated businesses. Shopping local provides a ripple effect by creating jobs, supporting the economy and helping local communities.

Truly Canadian Soap

Take the pain away from shopping online. All of our shipments use tracked shipping to provide information on where your order is in transit. We ship with Canada Post to serve all cities in Canada.

Canada- Wide Tracked Shipping

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