Winter Solstice (Christmas soap)

Winter Solstice (Christmas soap)

Nov 22 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Christmas soap is my favorite soap!  

 And this is just awesome!

 Made with pure Fir Needle and Pine Scotch, Cedar, Spruce essential oils to give it a warm, wintery scent at home for the holidays!  

 Do you know this smell when you choose a Christmas tree ??)) 


 The soap is brewed from scratch using a rich coniferous infusion:

  Infuza contains young pine twigs in coconut and olive oil.


 Colored with natural spirulina!

 It turned out to be a beautiful rich bath soap.  


 The fragrance will suit both women and men.

 The soap also contains natural fir essential oil and black charcoal.


 The most coniferous !!) 


 The pine cone is a natural candle (not scented), all this can be included in the New Year's sets too!)


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 This holiday soap will give you a holiday mood!)

  Bestseller of natural New Year's soap 2021!