What is it organic cosmetics ?

What is it organic cosmetics ?

May 11 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Organic cosmetics


What is it????))) 


When can you call cosmetics a truly organic product???) 


To give you true definition, we are talking an effective and high quality cream (lotion, mask, active serum, scrub, shampoo etc) that really meets your expectations!


 To create such a cream (lotion, mask, active serum, scrub, shampoo), you should avoid ready-made cream bases, as it is not clear what they do not contain such components as :


Mineral Oil 


Propylene Glycol , 

Behenoxy Dimethicone 



Needles to say all of those are not welcome!


Natural cosmetics masters take a customized approach:


They work exclusively with specially selected organic oils;

They use a calculator to figure out the ratio of fatty acids, which would be suitable for your skin type (dry, normal or oily).

Next step:


Make up the aqueous phase from hydrolates, that works best for your skin type



Mixing fatty and water phases with the help of an emulsifier.

And then comes the zinger!!!


Active phase:


We add to the finished emulsion (cream, lotion, mask, serum, shampoo, scrub) - the coolest and the best components!!!:

  for lifting

 fighting acne

 fighting dryness

 for radiant skin


This is what organic handmade cosmetics are – they work slow but sure  like elixir with a cumulative effect!!!!

Real, natural and effective!





It you go with natural cosmetics you will have to put up with a few demerits:


 Shelf life is only 3 or 6 months, as they cannot be stored for years in wholesale warehouses;


 you have to keep them in your refrigerator - creams, masks, active serums.


 It is undesirable to take out the product with wet hands (for example, a scrub) from the container where it is stored. 

Use a dry spoon for this - this  will help extend the shelf life of your natural cosmetics.


how do you imagine organic  cosmetics????)