"Three  Clays  "  Soap

"Three Clays " Soap

Aug 10 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Good day !) 


I present to your attention my new masterpiece soap " Three clays " - a natural soap for careful and effective cleansing of all skin types. 


It contains three types of cosmetic clay (white, green and pink ) for cleansing skin care, and olive oil that nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin. 


Cosmetic clay is actively used in cleansing cosmetic products thanks to its removals and exfoliating properties. 

The soap included three types of clay, each of which has its own useful properties: 

white clay cleanses pores, preventing black dots and rashes, 

green clay narrows pores, renewing and improving blood circulation in the skin, 

and pink  clay removes excess fat, increases it elasticity .


Three clays delicately cleanses the skin, removing dead cells from its surface, prevent pores from clogging, remove toxins and normalize the release of skin sebum. 

And  the olive oil in soap has excellent moisturizing and softening properties. 


Soap composition: Sodium salts of fatty acids of olive, coconut, palm, grape seeds . White, green and pink  clay,  essential oil of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree .