Jul 11 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Dear women, the subject matter of our today’s presentation will be BODY SCRUBS and their PROPERTIES!


A deep cleansing procedure for our bodies and skin, is absolutely essential/ to combat daily accumulations of dirt, dust and sweat on our bodies.


In addition to external sources of pollution, there are also internal ones: dead cells, sebum and toxins released by the body.

Bathing and showering regularly does not resolve the issue as ii offers little help when it comes to cleansing clogged pores. Is there an effective solution? Yes, there is.


It is imperative to cleanse the skin with body scrubs.


Let's take a look at the useful properties of the scrub, which are as follows:


Cleaning - solid particles perfectly exfoliate dead cells, they also cleanse the pores from external impurities;

 Revitalizing - after the scrub has dealt with all impurities, skin cells can freely receive the oxygen necessary for vital activity;

Nourishing - oils that are present in the scrub soften the skin and soothe it after active mechanical cleansing;

Toning - peeling improves blood circulation throughout the body, thus providing a tonic effect on the body;

Lifting - body scrub helps to achieve a lifting effect and make the skin younger and more attractive.


It is my pleasure today to bring to your attention my new summer organic product 



In the composition, which:


Sugar  and poppy seeds  – which makes natural, gentle abrasive agent;


Grapeseed oil - vitamins A, E, B, antioxidant complex, phytosterols (anti-inflammatory effect);


vegetable glycerin - as a moisturizer, absolutely related to our skin;


 Spirulina & beet root powders - natural dyes for my scrub (green and red)


For those interested in my natural SPA product and willing to purchase here . 



I suggest that anticipation of the weekend and all good things that it may bring you pamper your skin and body with quality SPA product in the comfort of your home!!)