Shower Steamers  (Fizzes )

Shower Steamers (Fizzes )

May 11 , 2021

Olena Levytska


Love the idea of a bath bomb but don't have a bath? 


Morning Shower  Fizzes !!!!!!


Shower Fizzes are our newest product at Ottawa Natural Cosmetics !)


These are perfect for those snotty days, with our Eucalyptus & Peppermint scents . 


These are amazing and really help wake up your senses in the morning (or any time of day) , my sinuses are so clear after making them ! 


 Shower steamers are great for those who prefer showers over baths !!)



   Benefits ;


 Aromatheraphy  session for 


  headache prevention; 

  stress free aroma ;

  relief of blocked nose ;

   sinus relief.


These shower fizzes  are great for when you want to unwind after a hectic day or even when feeling that bit anxious ! 




Just pop one of these on the floor of your warm shower ,  away from the direct flow of the water and let the eucalyptus & peppermint  , work it's magic!


Perfect for the whole family!!  


 Smell :


With Peppermint and Eucalyptus clear your mind and senses ready for the day ahead!) 


 Storage :


Please  be sure to use clean dry hands and store any left over steamer away from water or damp humid bathing areas. 


Our shower steamers  (fizzes )  like all bath bombs, are crafted to react with water and both our shower fizzes and bath bombs are wrapped in waterproof plastic. 


One pack contains:

 5 shower steamers and each of them weight 12 grams approx. 


  Please ,  the  product is available to order on my web site 




       Wash your Worries way!!!!!