Rock  Soap “ Malachite”

Rock Soap “ Malachite”

Oct 13 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Rock  Soap “ Malachite”  


Natural hand-crafted soap  


Sometimes it is very difficult to surprise your loved ones with a gift.  

We often spend a long time to find something that will be remembered , something that made a loved one happy, but we created it!  

One of the best gifts for any occasion!


Soap that was made with love!

One of the best gifts that you can give to your husband, boyfriend, partner , father, son-in-law and all your beloved men.



Cocoa butter  ,coconut butter , palm kernel flakes butter ,castor oil  ,olive oil, ,NaOH (lye), water, titanium dioxide ,bamboo charcoal, paprika powder, turmeric powder, clove essential oil ,nutmeg essential oil ,cinnamon essential oil