Natural handmade  Deodorant  Stick

Natural handmade Deodorant Stick

May 15 , 2021

Olena Levytska


Simply Effective 

Natural Deodorant Stick 

Skincare Formula 


Natural Deodorant stick is formulated using 4 essential oils  , 5 organic ingredients, and to remove harmful bacteria & provide protection against odour & wetness while being gentle on the skin .


Do you use natural deodorant?



Our natural deodorant avoids don’t have usual aluminum, parabens commonly found in big box stores((((



Benefits :


Long-Lasting protection against odor;

100% Natural Ingredients ;


Alcohol-Free ;

Preservative-Free Handmade ;

Responsibly made Non-Toxic;

Parabens/SLS-Free ;

Artificial Fragrances or preservatives-Free; 

Pregnant & Child Friendly Formula;

Suitable for sensitive skin ;

Works well in the Summer Season .



 Push the tube gently from the bottom using thumb to dispense the product. 


You will just need one swipe over your underarm and the fragrance lasts whole day.  


It doesn't stain clothes and also doesn't look patchy too (which is great if you wear sleeveless dress).  


Ingredients :

Shea butter, cocoa butter ,

rice bran wax, corn starch , baking soda, tea tree, lemon , peppermint, rosemary essential oils .


 Storage :

Shelf   life   this  product - 1 year ; 

Weight - 70g and this will last really long!!) 


Now is the time to give it a try !!!))