Leave-in  Hair  Soothing   Conditioner

Leave-in Hair Soothing Conditioner

May 11 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Leave-in   Hair Soothing   Conditioner 


Conditioner  in your hair care routine!)


 Beautiful thing about this that it can be used from scalp to the roots: 


  • Soothes roots to ends for healthier hair starting at the scalp;
  • Reduces breakage;
  • Adds moisture & shine .


Leave -in spray conditioner for deep hydration and hair restoration


Contains a whole complex of proteins and reducing components.  


how does it work  ????? :


 ️remains on guard strong strong ends between washes;  

 ️moisturizes and nourishes hair lengthwise;  

 ️helps to preserve the curl in curly hair and adds smoothness to straight hair;  

 ️ strengthens hair and restores natural shine;  

 ️ does not weigh down or blind the hair;

   facilitates combing;

   And with the right brush, combing will be even easier!))


Please ,  the  product is available to order on my web site , 



 Do you use leave-in conditioners? 

    Which one is your favorite?