DIY  Shower  Gel   “Green Matcha Tea  collection “

DIY Shower Gel “Green Matcha Tea collection “

Jun 20 , 2021

Olena Levytska

                        DIY  Shower  Gel

                    “Green Matcha Tea  collection “ 

                       with Aloe Vera gel , 

                   green tea Matcha  powder ,

                  and  chamomile macerate                         


 ️         MOISTURIZING , 


 ️         FOAMING.


These showering products not only supply body skin with moisture and leave a lasting nourishment, but also  effectively soothe fatigue with eucalyptus , rosemary scent! 


Infused with a rich amount of calming ingredients sourced from the nature that soothes down frustrated skin . 


DIY Shower Gel from Ottawa Natural Cosmetics best selling products!!)


Comfortable shower time is enhanced with good ingredients!!!


Some exclusive ingredients consist of:


Squalane , 

Jojoba oil , 

Aloe Vera Gel , 

green tea matcha powder, 

chamomile macerate (own production) 


Hydrolyzed protein rice . 


 It contains naturally-sourced ingredients which effectively works to lessen skin irritation when taking a shower and produces beneficial effect when used on on sensitive, frustrated skin.


 You should try and feel the difference between this natural product and the generic batch production shower gel  from  mainstream outlets!!! 


Weight: 200 ml


All ingredients have SDS safety certificates. 


This product has a shelf life of 12 months .