DIY Salt Body Scrub “Three Clays”

DIY Salt Body Scrub “Three Clays”

Aug 06 , 2021

Olena Levytska

“The Fifth Element” in my collection of summer body scrubs: 


DIY Salt Body Scrub “Three Clays” 



We prepare our skin in the summer so that the tan lays down perfectly, as well as fight against cellulite, make the skin smoother and softer like a baby's, …it's all about scrubs  .... 

and this one also has a detox effect !!) 


In the composition: 

Foaming bath butter  is a universal  product (there is no need to use soap or shower gel) 

grape seed oil with    polyunsaturated acids is an antioxidant, 

 natural glycerin moisturizes the skin,  

three types of clays: 

red Moroccan, 



cleanse the pores and gently exfoliate the epidermis, nourish the skin with microelements

 (for dry, sensitive, oil and problem skin types), 

Lemongrass essential oil


in one: replaces soap and scrub !!)

only scrub and nothing else is needed!!)


Weight 150 gr