Bubble Bar Puffy Cloud  “Lavender dreams”

Bubble Bar Puffy Cloud “Lavender dreams”

May 11 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Bubble Bar Puffy Cloud  “Lavender dreams”

Complete your daily routine before going to bed with this lavender bubble bar. 

Immerse yourself in its warm embrace and feel the peace surrounded by pleasant aromas

Travel to a calm, clear sea of serenity with this little rainbow cloud.

So scatter this little cloud under the running water for a truly transcendental experience and leave all the troubles and worries of the day behind!)

Benefits :
Cornstarch softens water and skin;
Lavender oil soothes and soothes.

Sweet , Floral

Crush under warm running water, filling your bathtub with mountains of fluffy aromatic bubbles.

Storage :
Keep Bubble Bars fresh and dry in one of our grocery holders, large glass jar, or any other item that protects them from water.


Bath Ritual boxes !))


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