Antiperspirants and deodorants from the mainstream market.

Antiperspirants and deodorants from the mainstream market.

May 15 , 2021

Olena Levytska

Antiperspirants and deodorants from the mainstream market.


Why are they dangerous?


... This subject is thread bare from repetition, but it is still very relevant, since many do not understand the risks and dangers in general.


Buying a jar or a bottle of antiperspirant, you seldom go over its components.


Many people think that once they are sold in a store, or even at a pharmacy, then everything is safe.


And the words are beautiful: 

works for 24 hours, 

leaves no residue, 

vitamins in the composition 

and a bunch of all kinds of marketing techniques targeted at one aim – buy me!


But facts tell us a different story.....


And in fact...


The armpits are a huge accumulation of lymphatic ducts and nodes, the function of which is to remove "debris" from the body after processing food, remove and neutralize toxins and hostile bacteria.


And then we act irrationally.


We smear them with chemistry so that all the waste instead of leaving the body rushes poison to our bodies, especially the nearby organs - the mammary glands!


It is necessary to tell more about the fact that many deodorants contain :



aluminum hydrochloride, 


xenoestrogens dangerous to health, which penetrate inside, mimic estrogen and increase probability of cancer.


Studies of women with breast cancer have shown an accumulation of aluminum in the mammary glands and nearby tissues.


The lymph nodes should work! 


There is no need to block them and thereby poison the body.


Sweat should be released, but it should not smell bad, this suggests that it is necessary to cleanse the body (go on a diet, help the liver and intestines detoxify).


There are tons of natural alternatives: 


deodorants that do not contain aluminum and harmful ingredients.


We will talk about them in the next post ....